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Some things from our adopted state and other places too...

4:15 am, Monday, July 22, 2024

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Judy & Ty

Chocolate Lab rules the roost when the small dawg allows

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Checking the fruit trees

To her left is the Grapefruit tree, and to the right is the lemon tree... out of sight to the right is an orange tree. The lemon tree yeilds way to many fruit... give aways are normal.

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Sunset over the Pool

We have been living in Arizona for well over 20 years and I still am facinated by the mountains and the sunsets... put the two together and its awesome!

Added decoration to the front of the house
The new gate and fence allow the dawgs to partake of events on the front porch.

The gate and fence match the security door and gate on the west side of the house, they were installed last year... the new ones are fun for the dawgs because we can let them run on the front porch when we are out there! The pots get new flora twice a year, winter stuff and summer stuff... heat melts the winter flowers, and cool kills the summer stuff, so...

New Gate from porch view
Any self respecting dawg could jump it... except ours!

...nice gate and fence, we like to set out there and watch the weather change in the monsoon season... sometimes we have to go inside cause the rain gets to us!

The whole front porch
From here we pass out treats for holloween

Except this year we spent holloween in our new mountain retreat.

Need some flowers?
Judy checks it out...

Judy gets these from son Jamie for her birthday each year... they just get better and better.

A photo by Richard Aaron Pierce in Monument Valley
© Richard Aaron Pierce