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Some things from our adopted state and other places too...

9:59 am, Sunday, April 21, 2024

Vistas are us! Some are spectacular and some are grand but all are worth stopping and taking a good look!
Just looking drops your blood pressure and relaxes your soul!

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Nailed on a tree at the eastern most edge of the driveway!

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Grandma and her Arizona brood!

After a hard time making sure all fits and everybody has enough closthes on... picture time and them maybe, just maybe we can go play in the snow...

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Grandma's favorite little kids...

Snow time!

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Ty on the left and Puddin in the center... they like it by the fire... nice and warm, but then hangin with the kids is funn too and snow... is different!

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From the loft!

A great place to read, nap or watch the snowfall!

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Finnigan likes it by the fireplace also... snow is so deep the he and Ouddin have to plow thru, the other dawgs just step over

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Icicles abound and are cool to eat, fun to watch the desert kids play in the snow.

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Rachel and Jorge!

Selfies are made for times like this... Notice the UK license plate, wonder whose that is? NOT!

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No No is not real sure about being out in all this stuff and at this temperature and then you say "eat some ice!" not so cool!

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Lilah having fun in the snow

She is having a great time, she is old enough to get around all by herself, big girl!

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Nono will need help getting up!

Like the little brother in "A Christmas Story" can't get up!

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Ty plays with her favorite little kids...

However! I don't do no Angels...

A photo by Richard Aaron Pierce in Monument Valley
© Richard Aaron Pierce