Our Friends invited us over to play with their herd of two nice horses...

So we took Olivia and Jake and let them get wet in the rain and sore from the ride! Lisa and Barry did a nice job of getting them capable of controlling the horses so the ride was pleasant for all...

Princess on the left, Barry in the middle and Cowboy to the right!

as his shirt indicates, Barry is the Barn Butler and Vet Tech supreme...

Barry's nickname is, of course, "Bear"
My friends in Heber got a new Chocolate Lab, guess what they named it...

Now I know two Bears... Jorge and I stopped at Pete and Margaret's to see the puppy, I could have brought it home, but they wouldn't let it go and Judy would have killed me! But the pup named Bear was really Cute.

Olivia and Cowboy, in the dry barn...
They went riding for a bit!

I have some recollection of a breakfast ride we made in Arizona, once upon a time! All three grandkids went as well as Jamie, Paula and Jorge. I think that will be on the breakfast ride page. This sort of qualifies as a breakfast ride, in that we left early and then stopped at McDonald's in Lebanon and Lisa got donuts in Clarksville... close enough! For me it was a cold rainy day... normal summer for the rest of the bunch.

Jake and Princess
I imagine his butt was tired if not somewhat sore.

Jake and Olivia both did very well, no falling, seemed to be in control and more importantly they seemed to enjoy the day!

Judy and Lisa
Clowning around in the arena...

It was nice to have a place to get out of the weather, but when we arrived at the stables we all got out of Jamie's new Suburban and somehow the keys got locked inside the car... so we had no coats, jackets or cameras for the duration. Jamie and Paula took Hilary to Columbus to catch a plane for a 16 day trip around Europe. They were in Colunbus and had to go back to Monroe to get that spare keys and then come to the rescue in Clinton County where the stables were! That took a while, in the meantime we had fun with the horses, as best we could!

I told you it was raining...
Barry and Lisa were great hosts...

Going above and beyond to make the day a memorable one. He was doing something that required getting out in the rain, as you can clearly see!

Barry & the Kids
These two horses are totally connected to Barry and Lisa.

Granted they have been ridden for a few hours, but even before they were "worn down" you could tell that they all four enjoyed their company... that is a good thing.

Another New Filly to the pasture!

Barry sends me things all the time, here is a new one!
Grace, beauty, speed and coordination... all things I am not! Dang it!

This is a May 2014 filly that was born on the farm where Barry & Lisa board their horses.

Jake, Princess, Cowboy and Olivia

After riding in the rain for a couple of hours... they are sweet horses and like to be hugged and petted etc. they like the attention!