Sometimes when you are hungry for a great breakfast
the work that it takes to get there is not important...

Even early in the morning, You will find that the world has more horses asses than horses!

This band was roaming the area west of the Timber Camp Mountains and north of the Griffin Ranch... not too far from the Adobe Ranch.

I have seen this bunch several times. Maybe not the same exact horses each time but a similar sized group in the same general area, They are working ranch horses that have been turned out to feed on what is available in the pasture. They are well mannered, well shod and in very good health... at least they were when I saw them last. Nice band of horses!

Gathering at the Gold Canyon Stable and riding to the ranch for breakfast at Donnelly's Peralta Trail Ranch

The trio of the Pierce Family Riders

I will say that none were afraid of the task at hand... or at least they showed no fear!

Saddle up one more time... heading home after breakfast.

I was about 10 pounds heavier and they had to get a crane to get me on the horse.

Climb aboard and get in line.

Make sure the horses are watered and ready to go!

All the girls rode well, maybe they were just hungry for breakfast!

Hilary onboard

She was much like a flea on that horse but didn't hesitate to take control and ride!

Olivia onboard

They said water up the horses and she did just that.

Rachel onboard

The Wrangler is setting the length of the stirups so that they are the right length.

'twas a bright sunny day in the valley, just like 350 other days a year here.

Waiting on the food...

Green scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, taters, gravey and drinks!

Back down the trail, heading home.

All lined up following the trail.

Who is the coolest Kid in the desert...

This was the Hilary look for a good while... nice photo, too!