Dick & Judy Pierce    |   New Cabin or Abode, Mogollon Rim Country, Arizona Territory

Overgaard is between Show Low and Payson Arizona on route 260.

The town is atop the Mogollon Rim which varies in altitude from about 6000 to 8100 feet. An escarpment made about 85 to 75 millions of years ago, during the Laramide Orogeny, and since has been minding its own business and eroding away. That's what geologic features do!

10:12 am, Sunday, April 21, 2024

In the yard at our house in Overgaard you can see the pine, juniper and cedars that make up the landscape. We also have a cactus or two!

We were up at the cabin over the new year with Rachel and her kids and Uncle Jorge came up to play in the snow...
Chris had to work, but spent the weekend with us...
Jorge took this photo, in two days we had near 10" of snow and the kids loved it!

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Front porch is covered.

We are building a gate for the opening, it will match the gate out of the dawg run.

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Checking the New Dawg Run

Ty and Puddin both like the new dawg run and doggie door out of the house, they can get to the yard and all of the deck, which means they can see all by the northeast side of the house...

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Southwest end of house

Sun is setting, new steps and dawg run look good.

West drive entrance

The driveway needs some maunual labor come spring, also needs some edging rocks or timbers or something to dress the edges!

Back of house with deck off the upstairs bedroom.

Need to cross brace the supports as they seem to be wobbly

Puddin in the Dawg run

The fence adds to the look of the house, there is a 2"x4" mesh on the inside of the rail fencing, no dogs out, no coyotes in... we hope!

New Furniture means more testing

I think the first two days she was not alowed on the new furniture, then Judy got tired of yelling at the dawg...

Puddin is loafing...

The dawgs seem to like the place, at least well enough to sleep anywhere they want!

Hunt Unit 3a and lots of wildlife in the area.

These were fresh Elk tracks in our yard the first day we had Jorge at the new house... he found and photographed these tracks...

Overgaard is in an area where it gets some snow...
After all it is 6800 feet elevation!

Normally Arizona kids don't see much snow, especially the desert dwellers. So between Christmas and New Years the Wiley's Joined the Pierce's in the new (to us) mountain home. I hope to spend lots of time here without snow, but the novelty and the new clothes for the kids made for some fun! After all we watched Frozen 10 to 15 thousand times... so why not play in the snow?

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Nailed on a tree at the eastern most edge of the driveway!

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Grandma and her Arizona brood!

After a hard time making sure all fits and everybody has enough closthes on... picture time and them maybe, just maybe we can go play in the snow...

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Grandma's favorite little kids...

Snow time!

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Ty on the left and Puddin in the center... they like it by the fire... nice and warm, but then hangin with the kids is funn too and snow... is different!

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From the loft!

A great place to read, nap or watch the snowfall!

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Finnigan likes it by the fireplace also... snow is so deep the he and Ouddin have to plow thru, the other dawgs just step over

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Icicles abound and are cool to eat, fun to watch the desert kids play in the snow.

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Rachel and Jorge!

Selfies are made for times like this... Notice the UK license plate, wonder whose that is? NOT!

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No No is not real sure about being out in all this stuff and at this temperature and then you say "eat some ice!" not so cool!

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Lilah having fun in the snow

She is having a great time, she is old enough to get around all by herself, big girl!

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Nono will need help getting up!

Like the little brother in "A Christmas Story" can't get up!

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Ty plays with her favorite little kids...

However! I don't do no Angels...